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August 2014


Julian Adam Hamilton

OMG!!! You made the party! Everyone LOVED you! Thanks for coming and rockin the party! Can't wait til tomorrow- MDNA!!!

PN Hadden
March 25, 2012

Hi Chris!
Everyone absolutely loved your show and I enjoyed working with you and the girls so very much! Thank you for all your preparation and attention to detail you put into this special performance. The Late Night count was over 5,500 visitors- one of larger public events! Take care and save travels!

Denise Helbing
Manager of Partner Programs
Dallas Museum of Art
January 2012

...Saw your performances on youtube...you are pretty amazing!!! The Northern Quest Casino where I live just had Joby Rogers (the MJ Impersantor) for 3 sold out shows...you should come this way to WA State! We'd love to see you!
Chase Maverick Lawrence
Sept 2010

...Staying in touch as always. Love the way your portfolio keeps growing. The fact that you are so responsive to your supporters has a lot to say about you as a performer and talent. Tell me, what's'your latest gig? Are You are on facebook? Linkedln?
Robert L.
Spet 2010

I was trashed and I sang justin timberlake with you. That's kinda nerdy but we owneddd it. ♥.
Michael M
Sept 10, 2010

Saw your performances on youtube...you are pretty amazing!!! The Northern Quest Casino where I live just had Joby Rogers (the MJ Impersantor) for 3 sold out shows...you should come this way to WA State! We'd love to see you!
Chase Maverick Lawrence
Sept 10, 2010

Hi. I'm Price Longoria i saw your show in Fort Smith Ar.Loved your show and had a wonderful time may god be with you. you have made my day and whole year hope you make it back here soon.
your biggest fan,
Price Daniel Longoria
September 6 2010

“Chris America, is by far one of top madonna look alikes in the world with talent to go with it. she captures Madonna's look and attitude to a T. I endorse her services to anyone looking to have an incredible Madonna portrayal at your event.”

Tiffany Claus , Actress, Model, Professional Angelina Jolie double , www.tiffanyclaus.com

Hello Chris America,

I had not had a chance to email you earlier to thank you for coming down to Karma Lounge in Laredo Texas and for the opportunity to share a bit of a dancing experience with you. Even though I was part of your performance I very much did enjoy watching you portray a very realistic Madonna show as well. I wish you the best of luck everywhere you go and may god bless you and your husband. Also, if you have a chance could you please email me all the pictures you took of us at Karma that night I would very much like to show them to my mother and aunt......My dad, R.I.P,would have loved to had atleast got a chance to meet such a fantastic Madonna look alike, he was a huge Madonna fan :) Well until then I hope to see you at another one of your performances. Take care!
Love Always,
Joyce Davila
Feb 25, 2010

Please let Chris know that we were absolutely thrilled with her and her performance! Tom especially loved
being called up for "Crazy for You"... it was the highlight of the evening for him. I heard from many of our
attendees that "Madonna really made the evening!" and we couldn't agree more. Thank you so much for your professionalism
- it has been a pleasure working wth you both!

Many Thanks,
Amadeus Corp.

Chris!! ... YOU are amazing. Hope to meet you one day. Your website blew me away! Hope you are having a great New Year! xoxo.
Nadya Ginsburg
Actress & Impressionist
January 2010

...Thanks! I'm glad you got coverage and everybody at our wedding still talks about your performance. I'm sure to pass your contact info to future wedding wannabes.
Gabe & Susan

Hey Chris!
We really enjoyed your show at the Hall party. Thanks for a good time for all.
My boss, who was also at the party, was thinking that would be so cool if we got you to do something like that for our awards banquet.
Of course, he just said something to me about it and you probably already are booked but I thought I would check anyway.
The date is for next Saturday night, January 16th.
It wouldn't be anything on as big a scale as Art's party. We are having it at his house.
Let me know if you are busy or would be open to something like that.
Robin Cohen.
Jan 08, 2009

I wanted to thank you for making our xmas party very special, you are a true professional and incredibly talented !!!
I have had so many comments about you, and interest in how to get you for there partys......

It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope we have the chance to do business again in the future.

and remember if you or anyone you know have car issues or question please feel free to call me...

Thanks again
Art Cohen
Hall Automotive
Sun, 20 Dec 2009
Subject: x mas party

Dear Chris,
I appear my name is Vanessa I am 30 years old and I am from Belgium, I am a fan of Madonna I have create on facebook a group " Fan of Madonna In The World " with some French friends we would like to organize a day meets between fans of Madonna in Paris, we would like to make it in May 2010 but we do not still have of precise date...
We would like to have doubles and people who love Madonna, people with tattoos or something particular on Madonna...
I would be very happy if you could honnorer us of your presence because for me you are the best double to the world of Madonna...
You would agree?
Thank you for your answer!

PS Sorry my English is not very good
Oct 2009

Thank you so much for such a great experience last night! my offer to help w/ any hair is serious so anytime you want me to fix one up for you .... let me know! - jennifer - one of your newest fans!

Jennifer Justice
Austin, Texas
Oct 05, 2009

...You were AWESOME at Kiss n' Fly!! Loved the whole performance!!!

Bert Trevino
Oct 06, 2009

SPLASH would like to thank all the local and National performers that delighted theThousands of people attending splash:
Madonna (Chris America)
Britney (Derek Barry)
Katherine York
Caitlyn York
Devin Oasis (King Of Splash)
Nicole Cast (Queen of Splash)
johnny Cat
Desiree Daniels
DJ Master Steve
DJ Bubba
DJ Danny
Fermin (Miami) Splash TV Host
The Boost Mobile Models

Oct 06th 2009

“Chris America, is by far one of top madonna look alikes in the world with talent to go with it. she captures Madonna's look and attitude to a T. I endorse her services to anyone looking to have an incredible Madonna portrayal at your event.”

Tiffany Claus , Actress, Model, Professional Angelina Jolie double , www.tiffanyclaus.com
worked directly with Chris at www.chrisamerica.net
September 23, 2009


Liaonging Bihuali Biochemical Beauty Co., LTD wanted no one other than Chris America
to be our first official television spokesmodel to launch our new cosmetics campaign nationally
in China.We are very pleased with the results. Her dedicated work, professionalism
and realistic image as Madonna has added greatly to our campaign.We highly
recommend Chris America as an effective celebrity impersonator and actress.


James Cheng
Liaonging Bihuali Biochemical Beauty Co., LTD
Sept 2009

You are so welcome, I love your impersonation of HI Hi
Hi Madonna(AWESOME) My friend Madennis, who've I've been friends with for 16yrs. told me to check out your page, because we both collect stuff on Madonna, and I have the Esquire cover with you on it,that is really cool. Well, i am very pleased to meet you and wish you only the best.Keep in touch anytime,you rock,sister!!!
July 2009

Dear Chris,

I KNOW you are the performer I would like to have at my 50th birthday, as you are the best!!

...I decided to have my party (on the East coast) because that is where I was in the eighties! I would like to know: If you may be available on the 23rd of Jan. 2010.

I have a professional DJ secured, but I need to know your requirements as far as lighting, dressing room, overnight accomodations, transportation, etc..

Sincerely yours,

July 2009

Dear Consulate of China:

We are very pleased to invite Ms. Chris America to visit China and to work on a TV commercial for our products.
The dates for visit to Beijing are from August 10th, 2009 to August 17th, 2009. We look forward to seeing you here
in Beijing and wish you have a great experience in China.

Best Regards,

Mr. HGuang Chen,
LHB Biochemical Beauty Co., Ltd
July 2009


Los Angeles, Ca
July 2009

...I think your work as Madonna is quite amazing and lovely.


July 27, 09

Hola Chris,
I know our wedding was an infinity ago but we wanted to wait until after our honeymoon so that we could share our great adventure. Thanks so much for sharing such a wondrous night with us. Your performance is still the talk of the wedding, lots of great pics on our website. I saw the PF article and thought it looked great, great color pics.

susan and gabe romero
March 2009

Jan 2009

Mathias D
Oct 03, 08 at 12:16pm
hi i saw your videos and stuff and as a madonna fan (and impersonator)
myself, i must say you're amazing!!!
keep up the good work!
hope to see you perform live someday!
greetz mathias

Hey chris!

I hope u are well....i just wanted to send u a quick messege to say thank-you for taking the time out on sunday at the madonnathon to take soem photos & give me & my friends the oppurtunity to meet you!..

The show was amazing but of course u were the star of the show!!

Anyway, I look forward to the next time i get to see u perform...in the meantime take-care & keep up the great great work!!

August 19, 2008

I am writing with a special request. My brother in law is a huge fan, and has a birthday coming up. I am trying to get him some photos from all of his favorite people. Would you be so kind as to send along an autographed photo for him that says

Happy 30th Birthday

Thank you for your time and help in this matter


Chris S
Coop, NY
JUNE 19, 08

"that's a hillarious video on your profile, it's a newbie for me or should I say like a virgin LOL
ps thanks for the add, your work is extradonairy.
Peace out!

June 19, 08

They asked me who I think is the best Madonna impersonater and I said, "Chris America" I sure did! lol I told them to find you on my top list.

"Madonna's Biggest Fan"
June 19, 08

"Hey Chris!
Went through your pics today.
Wow! I don't really know what to say, other than "Wow!". LOL
I could totally suck up to you after seeing them and give ya' a BIG ego boost, if you like. :)
However, I think you're cemented in the books as THE ultimate Madonna impersonator. I've yet to see anyone come close to you! You rock, as always.
(And Pookie is adorable, btw.)
Anyway, hope your day is going well.
Will be in touch, of course.
Until our next chat, keep on doin' what you do!!!
JUNE 19, 08

Jun 14, 2008 10:31 PM

Hi Chris...I remember when I first saw you on TV - I think it was on Sally or Geraldo?! Either way, I am still "blown away" by your likeness to the Queen! Most other "queens" are men!

June 15, 08

Gina -

Please let Chris know that we were absolutely thrilled with her and her performance! Tom especially loved being called up for Crazy for You...it was a highlight of the evening for him. I heard from many of our attendees that "Madonna really made the evening!" and we couldn't agree more. Thank you so much for your professionalism - it has been a pleasure working with you both.

Many thanks,
Amadeous Corp.
Boca Raton, Florida
June 11, 2008

I just want to tell you that you are amazing. I am inspired by you and Madonna. Madonna - for evrything, I base everything off of her, i LOVE HER. You, showing that we can do anything. Youre my TRUE Lucky Star. Because of you, I have a dream. That dream is to become a photographer, so I can photograph you. Although im only 14, Im older at heart. Im not like most kids. I wish to make you more well known, for Madonna to see. Really, My goal is to be your photogrpaher. Steven klein also inspired me to photograph. He just makes madonna better than anythign else. I hope to make you better than anythign else too.

So I guess you can say, that Im madonna's biggest kid fan, and im your biggest fan. Really.

And I cant wait to hear when you will be coming to Chicago :)

Mr. Dj


hello honey just a quick note to say they have just started airing Next best Thing talent show here in the UK and i saw you on the first round doing like a virgin, you were fantastic!!! Amazing, hope to see you here in the UK one day,lots of love Wonder Boy x x oh p.s check out in my pictures i have some of me in my Blond Ambition outfit, would love to know what you think!!! Best of Luck to you babe x x x x

March 2008

"Hi Chris!!!!!!
How are you????? Long time ago without writing you. But i was a little down because i failed my important test and i feel like a loser but Thank god My Family And Friends help me to keep on and don÷t give up so now i much better.

Wuaoo i saw your latest pics ohhh you look like a star actually you are a star. You succesful in NY congratulations when i saw the pic i said why Chris put a pic of Madge but i look well and i see that it was you ohhh you look like her twin.
Im glad to be here trust me for me is a deply honor because you are an artist. Tell me how were your easter hollydays i hope so good.

Thanks for Be So kind Chris and share with us your work.
Mar 2008

I Wish You the best for you and keep on.

Take Care
God Bless You and Your Family too
Hugs and Kisses
Love you

First of all Thank you so much for let me share and enjoy. I love Chris America Job she is pretty profesional and a Great Girl (you Know it) but i respect her a lot. I Wish You A Great night also A Good Week, Take Care,God Bless you
Madonna and Chris Are The Best
Mar 2008



February 18, 2008


I found you on Madonna's Myspace friends yesterday and I just could'nt beleive my eyes!!
You really look like Madonna! How lucky! And your voice to!

Just wanted to know if you are willing to perform in Canada? How much do you charge for a birthday?
Hope to hear from you soon and hope you can come to Montreal!

Feb 11,2008

hey chris! i just want to say that you are awesome! keep up the good work darling!

Rochester, NY

hi chris looking at your performance i think you are fantastic ! im getting married in june 2008 in england it would be fab to have a performer like you at my wedding ,,its not a small wedding loads of friends and reletives would loved to see that performance ...and its what ive always dreamed of ,,as i have been a fan since i was 12 years old of madonnas ....thanks marell

Dear Chris

I am writing to you from a major television production company, the makers of Extreme Make Over: Home Edition, Big Brother and Deal Or No Deal. We are in the development process of a huge Saturday night talent search show.

This search is for the best undiscovered tribute act in the UK. For the winner has an amazing prize at stake - residency performing in "Legends In Concert" in Las Vegas. We're scheduled to be on primetime Saturday nights for the BBC and we're expecting audience figures of 10 - 12 million per night.

I am very interested in talking to you about this project. The BBC and XXXXXX are keen to involve a high profile celebrity impersonator on the judging panel. Someone of your calibre and experience would be a huge asset to our show and we are interested in having you as a judge.

I know everyone here would be very excited to have you involved so please contact me on the number below to discuss the project a bit more.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

Lucy M
Development AP
W14 0EE


I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and say,I have been showing the book around to my friends in Phoenix and they all think you are the "Best in the book "as dead on,I agree.You look great.Much continued success to you and I look forward to seeing you soon.I am Dennis,the Sean Connery in the Book.I love this Business and what we do.Like you",Nobody does it better".
Happy Holidays



hey i just listened to ur like a virgin cover, wow u even sound like her! do u have ne other madonna covers online?

Hey, I am a HUGE madonna fan and I can't believe I haven't seen or heard of u until now!! u are soooo FIERCE....it is uncanny how much u look like her!! Do you have a biography or nething like that online, I would love to read to see how u got started and everything!

December 21, 2007


Sean Tataryn (Vancouver, BC)
Chris...You are the number one MADONNA impersonator in the World! You were who A&E picked when we did '15 FILMS', Oprah loved you and how many others confused people of the real Madonna when you were on the cover of Esquire?
And now The White House. Im so proud of you my friend.
From the moment I introduced myself as the guy who makes the Madonna Dolls we have been friends ever since. There was an instant bond and it has grown and grown and grown.
You are family now sweetheart and will always be.
I am so thankful for all the phone calls weve had especially during some of those tough times, and even the not so tough times when we're just munching on food talking about nonsense keeping each other company (Im thinking of our 'watching Springer' phase before you met Barry.) Every TV thing you do I beam with pride.
And every thing I do you give your constant friendship, love and support. When I was working on The Time Dolls, and the Journey of Man Dolls till now as we work on my first line in China.

You have been an awesome friend through all of it.

You will always be very special to me beautiful girl, never forget that.

I love and adore You,


Dec 16, 2007

WOW. It's so cool of you to take the time to thank me for singing Happy Birthday to You. It was my pleasure. Your web site is amazing.
You are soooo beautiful. Again, WOW!!!!!!!
Thanks you so much. What talent you have. I would love to send you my CD if you could tell me where to send it.
I will send you several if you have some friends you would like to give them to for the holidays.
They also make great door stops and coasters. lol
Let me know and I will send them right out.
Thanks again for your kind words.

Your newest fan,
David Pellegrene


Dec 13, 2007 9:27 PM

"Hi Chris!
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!
Happy belated birthday to you as well!
I'm am so in love with your page.
You are Madonna's twin haha lol.
I like your default pic.
I will comment it sometime.
So how's life going for you?
Hopefully good.
Write to me sometime.
Take care and god bless.

December 13, 07

From: roland
Date: Dec 12, 2007 4:05 PM

i just visited your website you look fantastic!! you have madonnas actions and look just like her!! omg i love your luckystar pics the outfit is so cool!! do you like to dress like that everyday? i do lol. i saw you on youtube when you were doing like a virgin for a few judges and i could not bealieve my eyes!! you even sound like her!!! actually your even better than the real madonna!!!! im gonna tell all my freinds about how cool you are!!! omg you are awesom!!!


hi miss chris, it's me bianca ryan, i just wanted to stop by to wish you a happy b'day, i hope everything you wish for in life comes true for you, and keep rockin that madonna look gurl you look just like her. if you get a chance stop by my website to Check out my new Christmas cd at www.BiancaRyan.com thanks again for all your love and support of me and my music. stay fabulous,
~bianca ryan~

Dec 12, 2007 4:05 PM
Subject: you are such a great impersonator!!
i just visited your website you look fantastic!! you have madonnas actions and look just like her!! omg i love your luckystar pics the outfit is so cool!! do you like to dress like that everyday? i do lol. i saw you on youtube when you were doing like a virgin for a few judges and i could not bealieve my eyes!!

Greetings from Friends (below) sent to me...






Hello my dear and you're look amazing!!!I know you a little bit hehe.Sorry-my english it's not so good but I'm sure that you're understand me.I'm a moderator in some Modonna fan club forum and there we have a teheme for all imitators in Madonna.We have a lot of your picture :)))Greeting from Bulgaria dear :))

PS-A crazy and fanatic fan of my Qeen Madonna
Nov 2007


Chris ,You are an wonderful gving person and performer.

What a nice choice of your main video.
I too saw that wonderful story on TV, and was very touched by it.
I never thought to see if I could post something important on my site.

Now YOU have inspired me.
Hopefuly many others will be inspired to do something
that matters to them as well.

Thank you Chris!

PS. I am attaching a clip of a show I did for "Toys for tots" fundraiser last year, (another worthy cause).

You Are Awsome..I saw you on an impersonator show this past summer. I could not believe you did not go further. I missed a few shows and you were not on there. You are on my friend Mariam's Website www.Everybodyfanclub.com.

It was mariam that told me after years of having that magazine with the baby that it was not Madonna. I thought it was Madonna and found out it was you. I was like omygod No way...
U really naturally look alot like Madonna. But be both a blessing and a curse with privacy issues sometimes. You are wonderful. your costumes and looks very good too. take care good job and keep up the fantastic work.
Mariam and I want to do a small party for madonna's 5oth birthday next year. We not sure that icon doing anything for the fans u know..Icon now Madonna.com kinda sucks now a bit as u may have heard. They sure were great back in the day though. We may just end up doing a small party here in portland oregon for her next lp release in the spring or march 2008 but would be nice to do something small in northern cali when or if she is to tour next year with that rumour out there. let mariam and me michelle know if you would be in cali next year. I'm sure fans would love to meet and talk with you and hear all your stories along the way in your career of impersonating madonna.
ok thanks for your time
Portland Oregon
November 16, 2007


Date: Aug 19, 2007

"I am sooo happy right now!
I have admired u for awhile.
I even have your Esquire Cover...and have had it up on my wall for years!!!!"

Date: Aug 18, 2007 Body: This is a major fan of yours.
U are the real impersonator!!!
Ive been trying to find u forever.
I have collected your pics...and magazine covers...u look just like madonna. U are amazing.
my friends and i are looking at pics of u in amazement.
I hope u add me so much!
If u do i promise to put u up on my top friend list!
love u so much!
Peace, Maef

Sweetie D..

Date: Aug 13, 2007
p.s. I love everything you do!!! :) you're suck an incredible talent and a great ambassador, if you will, for Madonna!!! thanks for being a friend :) keep up the amazing job!



Date: Aug 15, 2007

From: Block User

myspace.com Date: Aug 15, 2007
Subject: hey chris
Body: love the profile ur gorgeous girl! your madonna is dead on, (if not better than the original :P)

Hey Chris,

Wow! You were great on the next best thing show! We do not have it over here in the UK, but I saw it on your website and you were awesome! You go girl!!

You will win it, I just know it!

Best of luck for the next rounds and knock them out!!

Best wishes,



you looked great on the show last week hope you take home the first place prize. do you perform anywhere on a regular basis


FYI – just wanted to let you know that the CTMT folks at Castleton Park in Indianapolis saw you on Next Best Thing – congrats on making it to the next round! We’re proud of you!!

M. Kris Moore, CPM, CCIM, CPA

Principal, Vice President

Real Estate Management Services

Colliers Turley Martin Tucker

Have you ever met Madonna in person?
BTW....you look so much like her, it's kinda scary!!! I saw you on the Next Best Thing - I hope you win - good luck!

July 12, 2007

Erv Dahl's Comment:

"You couldn't look and sound more like the "young Madonna." The look, the singing, the performance and speaking voice(s) ARE Madonna as we want to remember her, as Lisa said. You rock!"

Erv D
June 12, 2007


Jim Whirlow
June 7th 2007

Jun 10, 2007 8:31 PM
Subject CHRIS AMERICA (as Madonna) Video...I Urge You To Watch......

Check CHRIS AMERICA on my page,click on her pic' and get
blown away with her site.........'BRILLIANT'.......
of course 'BEAUTY', that's a known fact.......



They should called you...'Chrisdonna'......
I enjoyed watching all your video's on 'YOU TUBE'......
You got it Girl.........Lucky,Lucky you!!!!! God Bless You!!!
A Dream came true for you!.............'INDULGE'......

you looked great on the show last week hope you take home the first place prize. do you perform anywhere on a regular basis
June 09, 2007

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your beautiful audition. You sure made our industry look good!!!
June 7th 2007

you are a brave soul girlie, you looked perfect
I can only imagine how difficult it is to sing LAV accapella- yikes I think Madonna can't even do that & sound decent. I hope (to see the show) improve (over time) anyway send me your new mailing addy- moving is no fun but a new place always is take care.

Denise Bella Vlasis
Tribute Productions Casting & Entertainment
June 07, 2007

AWESOME !!!!!!!!!! Congrats Baby!!! TOOOOO COOL.
I am sooo happy for you... I loved watching that. It's funny how you said about what your Dad did, Mine did the same ... He had to come to one of my shows before he really could understand and now he is all for it. LOL

You are awesome sweetheart Never stop do what you love.

Many Blessings baby
Love Linda

What a great job. My partner called me at work and said there was this great madonna impersonator on televsion last night....after he described you I said I think she's one of my myspace friends. Awesome job, we are very proud of you, keep on!

I saw you both last night (Chris & Anne Kissel as Roseanne) WOW Great job both of you!!

Love and light to you both
Ruby Tuesday (Johnny Cash's partner)

Hey Chris,

Wow! You were great on the next best thing show! We do not have it over here in the UK, but I saw it on your website and you were awesome! You go girl!!
You will win it, I just know it!
Best of luck for the next rounds and knock them out!!

Best wishes,
June 07, 2007

Hi Chris!
Wow, this is unbelievable! Thanks for letting me know it was you! I've been through a couple of husbands since then myself, ha-ha! I understand that Nancy got married. She was a lot of fun to work with. She taped that 1985 Christmas party and gave me a copy of it. At the end of the tape she included a video of something you entered with MTV! I think it was a Madonna look alike contest for "True Love." Very cute video! You won't believe this, but this morning when my radio came on to wake me up, that song was playing!

I checked out your website, very impressive! I'm so happy that your career has been so successful!!

Take care and thanks again for your reply! I'll keep watching "The Next Best Thing" and I'll be rooting for you! That show is so much fun to watch.


June 08, 2007

Hey Chris!

Wow! I haven't seen you in many years. Seeing you on Next Best Thing reminded me of you.
You look fantastic! Our offices were next to each other in Chatsworth 1998ish.
Remember me, Larry the Art Director.

Looks like things are going well for you.
I just happened to be doing my Neil Diamond Tribute Show now days. I have my first big corporate gig in Denver next month. Amazing how they treat you like a star, aye? I am being paid very well and all expences paid. Never thought this could be so good.

Respond if you get this and I'll email some stuff. Do you have a good agency you work with?
Maybe we can catch up. . . I still work with Rick, Renee and the gang.

Take Care,
Larry Boyle

Hi Ladies!!

Saw you all win tonight on TNBT! You were all super!!


Looking forward to seeing you in the finals!!

Good luck!!

June 7, 2007

Hi Chris.

Back in 1985, we had a Madonna impersonator at our work Christmas party at APTA in Alexandria. I think it might have been you! I saw you tonight on "The Next Best Thing." When they said your name was Chris, I figured you might be the same Chris who was at our party.
If you are a friend of Nancy M's, then I know it's you! Way back I think you and your husband owned a sign company on Duke St. I think it was called Banana Banner, or something like that?

Let me know, thanks! And good luck on the next step of "The Next Best Thing!"

P.S. 22 years later I'm still at APTA!

Jennifer Abbou


Date: Apr 25, 2007 2:41 AM
Body: hey guys...just to let you know that there's a girl that is Madonna's twin...she is beautiful as hell and she looks alike so fucking bad...just take a look at this site: www.madonnalookalike.com

All i have to say is: YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT IT GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please invite me to a show,,,,i would be more than happy to attend. just let me know in advance. thanks

'For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.' Romans 6:23
MAY 8, 2007

From: "pablo c"
To: MaterialGirlLive@aol.com
Subject: hi Chris, im from México
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 20:33:11 +0000

Hi, my name is Pablo, im 28 years old and i got impressed when i saw a picture of you on a Mexican freeway in México City, on an advertisment for a beverage called Boones.
When i saw your eyes i thought that you were Madonna at certain point, because if the queen of pop shows her spirituality throu her eyes so you do, reading your letter i discovered that you are also a very intelligent person like her, and the way you do your shows and aperances in public, you must be as versatil as her.
Some years ago a read a description of Madonna´s face and guy ritchie´s, the story told about the similarities betwen them, in the angles, the mouth, the nose, and the size, and it was done for a person who studies couples, and he states that soul mates are matched for those coincidences, he has also studied some other personalities in the media, if you look at Guy Ritchie with glasses, you can see how they are alike, even when he is a man, so, i think i have became your fan because when you love some one, you simpatized we the people who are familiar to him or her, i think you are a kind of soul mate of Madonna and you have the mission to reflect her light to the world!!!

Pablo Cancino

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I Love your work...
Where can I find booking information?
A fan
February 23, 2007

"Thank you for your amazing work!
You rock (and sing live!). Thank you a lot for the add, for looking like Madonna and having your own way of expressing this God gift! I'm your fan! Nice days always!
Jack Morais JM
February 10, 2007



Oh my god. If you didn't tell me that was you, I'd swear it was Madonna. It looks identical to the photo of Madonna that I have on my site. I posted it. Thanks.

Joe Bright
January 28, 2007

Good morning Chris America. Your Resemblance Is So Uncanny. Are You Sure You Aren't Twins? You and Madonna look so much alike........ are you related? Do you have Italian in your blood too? I reside in Anchorage, Alaska and was wondering what your costs are? My 30th High School Class reunion is two years away, and I want to know what you include on your agenda? Also, is there a Guy Ritchie Lookalike that can be hired?

Frederick In Alaska
January 19, 2006


Read more about this adorable little girl Tamuna below!!!

Hey Christina,
Did You see the film on YouTube? Pretty Cool huh? Hope you're having a beautiful New Year so far.
Tim Gallagher
"Lourdes Dad" "Beautiful Dreamer"
15 Films
December 10, 2007

Hi Chris!

Just wanted you to know that I just completed my Reel Awards ballot and put you down for 2 awards... Television Performance and Best Video Performance. Glad to hear you're doing well and staying busy. I haven't seen the show. I voted for you for the A&E special on Madonna and also just for video I saw of you on YouTube that I thought was really Madonna. had me fooled! I so hope you win! Will be faxing this to Janna tomorrow. Hope you are doing great, and hope to see you again at CIC/Reel Awards this May.

Wishing you all the best.

Lisa Irion
Cher Impersonator
January 10, 2007

Hi Chris,

Happy new year... Myself and a my friends went out on New years eve on a fancy dress night and I dressed up as Madonna! Much to the amusement of everyone else! I have attached photo's for you to see! Hope you have a good year and keep up the great work!

January 5th, 2006


NOTE FROM CHRIS: Alex, I LOOOOOVE them!!! You look Great!!!!! Thanks so much for sending your pictures! I'm very impressed! :) Happy New Year to you too!

Chris: I loved the show, specifically the parts you had involvement in most of course! Your segment was the best and it was great to have a peek into your life now and see Barry. I'll be in touch.

Best wishes for 2007.

Kay Schaber
WGAW Independent Film Executive
Jan 02, 2007

i just saw you in the 15 films about madonna and was AMAZED! i've been a madonna fan since 1985, met her once, and loved her ever since. i certainly hope you keep up your performing because now i'm dying to have you perform at my big 4-0 in a few years.

December 31, 2006


Hi Chris,

It was wonderful working with you at the Best Buy convention this weekend. You were a HUGE hit and I loved your Madonna show with your fabulous dancers. I look forward so seeing you again in February! You are the best!

Betty (Attchison)
Dec 30, 2006


Your site ROCKS! My husband and I have been wactching you since Geraldo and the montel show and you are the BEST at what you do. I like your videos & all the pictures but what I like more is you stand out... and get Madonna DOWN :) I know because I am an entertainer too and what you do is not easy. ...If you do a show out in Las Vegas please let me know! ...any way have a FAB New Year and stay Beautiful.

Giovanna Parkerson
Dec 26, 2006


I showed a lady that I work with in the Fort Worth school library your web page. She couldn't believe how much you look like "Madonna". Do you have some autographed photos of yourself to give out to your "fans"? I like the photos of you in the riding outfit and the wedding gowns. I had noticed on your web page of the tv date change for your A & E special. Please do keep me posted when they do plan on airing it in January.

Your friend in Texas.

Patty, Jeff and the boys. xoxox
Dec 15, 2006

Chris, Thank you so much for the beautiful picture and Christmas card you sent my son Ray! He was so excited that you followed through and wrote to him. He's only five but he said when he grows up he wants to marry you!

Linda C. Jones
Dec 12, 2006

Chris it was so good to see you last night! You are always such a Positive person and a joy to work with!

Micheal Lovek
Austin Powers, Elton John Impersonator & more!
Dec 11, 06

I'm so thrilled your doing the voice for my dolls!

Sean Tataryn
Creator of Myumee Dolls
November 2006


Let me introduce myself. I am Tamuna G. I come from Georgia. I'm Georgian. I'm 8 years old now. I write some small stories. I'll be very happy if you'll be interest of my stories. I hope that my dreams will come true and I'll become a famouse person like you.

With love from Tamuna.
December 11, 2006

NOTE FROM CHRIS: You can read a couple of Tamuna's great stories on MONTY'S FAN PAGE and if you would like send Tamuna a Fan letter there too!!! :)

Girl, you look fabulous. I am so impressed! I have sent your link to all my friends and everybody thought you were Madonna. I can't wait to see the A&E show. Have a great day,

G. Pegram
Licensed in VA and MD

Excellent work,very proud of you. Thank you for your beautiful photos and kind words. You actually look better than madonna . I first saw you on Joan rivers when I was just a child. You were a pro then and still are!

Warm regards,CHIP
Nov 24, 2006

I didn't get a chance to say goodbye at the weekend but I just wanted to drop you a note and say THANK YOU for all of your hard work in 15 Films. We loved working with you and you were a lot of fun to have around - even when we were asking you to do some pretty strange things! I can't wait to see the finished films and keep badgering Sebastian to show me the cuts! Hope you like the show!

Richard Drew
15 Films, A&E
Nov 2006


hey i come across ya site i think ya awsome mate good stuff ..madonna u got 2 love her..

Nov 18, 2006

Hi Chris,

After watching the clip, I must say that I am honored that I am your official trainer. It was a great story. It was really moving to hear how you became involved in this industry, in addition to just being yourself. Don't tell the producers, but they're crazy if they change it!

I will be out of the club for the next couple of weeks for the holiday, but I look forward to seeing you soon.

Nov 13, 2006

The more I watch of your work, the more I appreciate your talent and attitude. You were a pleasure to work with, really. Living in Madonna's headspace could make you a real diva, but you showed enormous grace, patience and creativity during our collaboration. Your contribution of your make-up and wardrobe, as well as your many years mastering the art form of living in the skin of a highly complex woman, was invaluable to us. I haven't laughed as much as I did in the Brit Kit shoot for a long time.

Please also thank your mother for her kind hospitality when we were in Virginia. Opening her home to three weary lads was very kind.

Thanks again for your fanstastic contribution to the show. You did a great job, and we are all very appreciative of your hard work. Looking forward to continuing to work together on this post-production process - and in the future.


Producer, Show-Runner/Director,
15 Films for A & E Network
October 29, 06

I've just looked at a couple of your performances on YOUTUBE and a couple of your pictures on your site and I have to say that I am extremely impressed. You are a dead ringer for Madonna. When I watched your performances, I saw how much you have her moves, mannerisms and personality onstage. As far as your look is concerned, if Madonna couldn't do a show and you filled in for her, I wouldn't know the difference, That's how much you look like her. I swear you are identical to her looks, especially in the Confessions era.

Will you be doing any shows in Philly or Atlantic City? If so, please let me know. I am a huge Madonna fan, I'm talking f*%&ing gigantic (excuse my French), and I would love to see you!

Oct 2006

I throw a big Oscar party every year, how great would it be to have "Madonna" show up. If you haven't figured it out, I'm a HUGE Madonna fan and I first saw photos of you with Niki - I was STUNNED! You are really REALLY close to the real thing.

Oct 03, 2006

Everytime I think I've seen it all..along comes another one...I've worked with a few good Madonna's in Vegas...you've got a killer look...very impressive...anyway..I've moved to Charlotte,NC area...saw you do Marilyn also...so thought I would say hello...The east coast needs some good impersonator shows...I will keep in touch when I can use you as Marilyn or Madonna...Maybe we can get a working relationship going....Talk soon.

Visit my website at www.tombartlett.net
Top Elvis Impersonator, NC
Sept 09, 06

Hi chris , just thought id tell you how so alike you are to madonna, discovered one of your performances on you tube, maybe one day you will come over to the uk and perform in brighton bars, you would knock em dead , carry on the good work

Simon galeandro xx
Sept 08, 06

HI Chris,

I have been a Madonna fan for a number of years and I just wanted to say well done on the great website and various Madonna looks.
I live in the UK and there aren't many good impersonators here. I look at your website regularly to see any updates and so does my daughter.
Do you do any shows over in England?

Best regards,
Alexandra Aucott.
Sept 05, 06

Hello Chris,

I am fascinated by your site. Will you eventually perform in Montreal, Canada? If there is a way I can see you on stage, I would love it.

Thank you!

Pierre Gagnon
Sept 15, 06

Chris, I've been a huge fan of yours for years. The first time I saw you was on Joan River's show, then I saw you on Maury and Geraldo, I still have these tapes. My friends are amazed at your similarities, and so am I of course. I admire you as much as I admire Madonna herself. Hopefully one day I could see you perform here in New York. Keep me posted of any new news. Love ya Chris.

August 26, 06



Hey Chris,
I had a wonderful time with you as well,you were by far the most together low maintenance and calm person I have worked with in a long time. I cant tell you how much I appreciated your attitude, and I'm so glad you like your wreath(loved making it).I'm very excited to see this all come together it should look greatI think.I will be editing the picture we took next week, I'm running out of the city this week.Safe trip and I will chat with you soon.


Chris - you are IMPRESSIVE!! It has been a busy week at our office, so when I first caught your message yesterday we were headed for a meeting, and I didn't have time to click on your website. The work that goes on behind the scenes is incredible. I loved the pics from the Orlando conference. You must have so much fun doing this. Has the A&E special aired yet and please let me know the Leno date . . . my partner took a look at your pics yesterday and was truly amazed. Also can't believe you got the "dental" deal done too . . . YOU GO GIRL!!!
xoxo Suzanne

i think you are just perfect! i would give the world for just a picture with you!! you are amazing! i might cry when if i saw you tho...you are that good! have you ever done evita? i would love to see you as evita...

From ????? :)
March 25th, 2007

I am a student at Indiana University SE. I am
currently in a stage makeup class. I love your
website and have looked at your photos. Can you give
me some advice? on becoming Madonna. thanks
Donna K
April 10, 2007

hello girl! i just put me up a new web site on www.gigsalad.com for just $7 for 7 months you can view my audio and some people i am sure you have seen before in person i was just thinking about you and you gave me your email address on the usanetwork on the chat line and you did a great job on abc impersonateing as madonna email me back when you get achance

Anna Saxton
Shania Impersonator
July 07

YAY, I'm so glad that you like it! :] I thought you might but didn't know you'd like it THAT much, awesome.
Glad to hear that your show went well! I would have loved to have seen it, obviously! And i'm very glad to have met you as well, you have become a very big inspiration for me! I may just put you in my heroes section on my page...actually, I will put you in my heroes section!! Right next to Madonna.
I hope that you had a great birthday, too! I am just about to send you a birthday greeting on this profile. lol.
Thanks for the pic comments.

wow did you get my attention . what an incredible impersonation. hope to see u someday. according to your profile u are my age ...lol hope u accept me as a friend. dennis aka blarneyman 7

I wanna tell ya -- I've seen many who claim to be M impersonators but -- you're the Queen; the only one who comes close (and mighty close, at that.) Love it! :)



"this pic got me hooked to you...for real..longish story. I was looking at Madennis's collection and i found this pic...i had to double take cuz i was like whoa...then the duh part poped up it said Chris America. hehe I went to your site and myspace and LOVED IT then i saw you on next best thing i was like AHHH YOU'RE THE BOMB...cuz you are....just felt like shareing hehe oh and i love your voice it is WOO BOOYEAH for real"

Still almost dieing : AWESOME CHRIS AMERICA on my page!

Chris america i put on my page cuz she da bomb i love her she is AWESOME and she has a music page WOO like madonna's but still AWESOME and the pharm. didn't get my meds. cuz the dr is RETARED so i have to fight for surivival once again....gosh

Jan 10, 2008 8:45 PM

"HI Chris, hope you're well, love the new pics, you so sound like M it's scary! hahahaha
love to you all as ever and thanks for taking the time to write me i really appreciate it

speak to you soon
love Julie x x x

Hi Chris.
I was just curious on your rates. My wife loves Madonna but she has never seen her in concert or met her. I'm throwing her a sorta surprise 40th birthday party with about 50 or so of her friends. I'm either getting a band or a DJ but you would put the party over the top I think. She has met a few celebs since she is in advertising including Pres Clinton, older Bush, and a bunch more politicos, Bruce Willis, Jessica Simpson, Jay Leno, a few more I'm sure. I have pictures of her with them and I'm planning a game to see if people can guess which pictures are real and which ones are not.
Of course I'm going to do one with her and Madonna and when people say "not real" you could walk in and take a 'real' picture with her and dance/sing, etc. I work for (cable) Channel so my guys are going to do some posters for us and probably a slide show of her baby to 40 pictures. I love the name Chris America.
Take care,

Hi Gina,

Below are the pics that I took of Chris America at BB King. You have to download the files. The file is large and in HQ. If you use any pics, please give me photo credit (ex: photo by Angel Love). If you have trouble with the download, let me know.

I saw on her website that she's going to be performing somewhere on Staten Island. Gerard & I live on Staten Island and would love to see her again. Can you let me know the details of that event. I just ordered the Esquire magazine that she was on from Ebay yesterday. So hopefully when I meet her she can sign it. Hope to see you again too!

take care
Angel Love

Hi Chris,
It was great to see you too. Your performance was amazing and I'm glad I had the opportunity to see it. Your stage presence is really strong and I have a even stronger appreciation for what you bring to the character.

I'm forwarding an e-mail from Angel who I met at the show, with a link to some photos he took of you. There are some good ones, all he asked was photo credit if they are used in any way.

Have a good trip back and we will catch up when you get settled. Can't wait to see video and the pics Guy took.

Steven is a blessing give him my best,


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