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Image: madonna impersonator Chris America chrisamerica.com

Image: Madonna Look Alike Chris America

Image: Madonna Impersonator Madonna Look Alike Chris America

Image: chris America Madonn Impersonator Like a Virgin 80's and Steven Andrade Cher Impersonator


Image: Madonna Impersonator Chris America Like A Virgin Elton John

Image: madonna Impersonator Chris America Like A Virgin Elton John

Depending on the type of venue - Chris' routines have different styles - Corporate friendly is one particular
style whereas a Night Club act may be a slight racier depending on the client's individual preferences...
Audience participation is also available upon request...

Chris America sings Corporate Version of "Like A Virgin"...


Phone: 703-585-6072 **** Email: BestMadonna@aol.com


Hi there,

This could be a really crazy question, but I was searching around the internet and I found your site, I am planning on being Madonna from the Like A Virgin video for halloween and I saw your pictures, and first of all you look uncanny like her and I heard the song also, it sounds awesome!!! But I absolutely loved what you wore in the pictures and I have been looking for something that looks good, not exactly like all of the others. So I was wondering if you could maybe give me some insight to where to buy some of the things that you are wearing? If possible? Thanks so much.



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